Tips for the Livermore Resident! How to Create a Timeless Kitchen with the 4 C’s of Kitchen Design and Planning

Nothing says “dated” like a kitchen trend from 10 years ago. Consider giving your kitchen a makeover and utilize timeless components that are dependably in style. That way, regardless of when you decide to put your house on the market, your home will be accepted for decades to come.

Timeless Kitchen Design Tips for the Livermore Resident!


The easiest and most attractive shade for a kitchen is a spotless, splendid white. Look in any kitchen outline magazine and you’ll see a white subject all through its smooth pages. White reflects light and can make even a little kitchen seem bigger. Obviously, there are many shades of white that bring out contrasting states of mind from cool and fresh to warm and consoling. You can even blend whites to give your kitchen profundity and measurement.

Regardless of what your value point, all standard kitchen components from apparatuses to completes come in shades of white. On the off chance that you DIY, you can discover white tiles, paints, machines, trims, sinks and cupboards.


Talking about cupboards—the most ageless bureau configuration is the Shaker style. A genuine Shaker style is a level board entryway with a square casing known as rail and stile development. You’ll discover Shaker style cupboards in nation bungalows, contemporary lofts and exemplary homes. On the off chance that produced using fine wood, a straightforward polyurethane complete will show the wood’s excellence, however as in the area over, a white cupboard paint or complete will keep your kitchen excellent for quite a long time to come.

Shaker-style cupboards traverse all value reaches and quality levels. You can redesign your whole kitchen or just supplant the entryways and drawer faces. Actually, if your kitchen has odd-sized custom cupboards or entryway and drawer sizes from another time, and you’re convenient with apparatuses and searching for a financial plan cordial arrangement, you can even make your own.


The third “C” is the ledges. From Formica to stone, ledges are the most utilized piece of the kitchen. While Formica certainly yells, “dated,” to most purchasers, stone is starting to be platitude also.

The most immortal surfaces for your ledge include:

  • White/Black Marble
  • Soapstone
  • Slate
  • Natural Tile
  • Butcher-Block
  • Concrete

Strong surface materials, for example, Okite, Silestone or Corian in plans that copy marble, stone or lighter rocks and impartial hues advance a persisting look. Better for your wallet are butcher-square and solid surfaces.


Great kitchen designs make moving from ledge to cooktop, fridge to sink or slicing board to stove basic. The most great are: I, G, C or L


  • I—The “I” kitchen is a simple, single-sided galley and works great for small spaces such as lofts and smaller apartments. In an open space it only requires one wall, and adding an island opposite can create a full galley.
  • G—The “G” is a full galley kitchen with workspace on two opposing sides. The best arrangement has a prep area equidistant from both the sink and the cooking space.
  • C—A “C” (also called “U”) kitchen has cabinets on three sides. In an open design one side would be a peninsula. Busy bakers and cooks like the C or U shape for its large amount of counter space and classic work triangle.
  • L—An “L” kitchen has cabinets against two perpendicular walls and often has a center island. Popular in open floorplans, the L-shape has plenty of space and two walls of cabinets. Typically, the sink is on an exterior wall with a window to let in light.

In the event that your kitchen isn’t one of these exemplary formats, think about moving a few things around to emulate these plans.

In case you’re considering offering your home, let us give you an expert assessment of your present kitchen before you spend to upgrade it. We can enable you to figure out which changes will give you the best profit for your venture.

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